Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mountune MP275 kit has finally arrived!

Well in usual fashion, we can't keep our cars stock for very long... but as I get older, I want more 'fun' with less 'risk' as this is a daily driver...  plus with the Black Friday deal we got 20% off the kit!  W00T!


California Air Resource Board Executive Order D-727-2 Incredible performance without sacrificing reliability!
The Focus ST is a remarkable car and with the addition of the mountune MP275 Performance Upgrade, it’s even more amazing. With optimized power and performance, the MP275 Upgrade adds a level of sharpness that enhances the total driving experience. The MP275 Upgrade has been engineered to extend the power band of the engine resulting in an increase in horsepower and torque across the entire RPM range. The added power provides an even more enjoyable car that is perfect for spirited driving and carving canyons.
An essential element of the MP275 Upgrade is the mountune Upgraded Intercooler. Our intercooler is more than double the size of the original intercooler and provides cool, dense charge air to the engine all the way to redline. Additionally, the air intake system has been improved to allow greater flow to the turbocharger for added power. Backing up the mountune Intercooler and air intake is our performance ECU calibration (tune) engineered to add maximum reliable performance and drivability.
Developed in house by our team of experienced engineers, the MP275 ECU calibration has been validated through a wide range of performance tests and durability cycles including the notorious Nurburgring in Germany. This level of testing ensures safe, reliable performance that does not disappoint. 
The MP275 Performance Upgrade is a complete performance upgrade system that is endorsed by Ford and legal in all 50 states.
Installation is easy and requires just a few hours. Additionally, your factory ECU is easily re-calibrated using the included mountune mTune handset. The mTune simply plugs into your car's OBD II port and quickly transfers the upgraded performance engine calibration in about 5 minutes.
The MP275 Performance Upgrade does not void your factory warranty when installed at any Ford dealer or Mountune USA.

Included with the MP275 Performance Upgrade. 

Also, to keep things flowing freely - we upgraded the inlet elbow to The Ford Racing 2363-IH-BLK Mountune Induction Hose; High Flow; Black - this will add some style, and some sound - plus it gets rid of that ugly accordian tube LOL

Now just need time to get it installed and roast the tires ;)