Sunday, January 15, 2017

It's the little things that make a difference!

Little changes and mods are always fun, and hopefully can be done cost effectively.  I ordered a really nice dead-pedal for the ST to complement the existing metal pedals from factory.

Ford Focus ST Dead Pedal Foot Rest

Made from a brushed high grade 304 Stainless Steel. 

CNC waterjet cut and dimpled. 

Dead pedal attaches with heavy duty double sided carpet tape which is included. 

Well, I can't just leave things alone - the center logo "ST" is cut out- looks great, but all the "ST" logos on the car are red. I was walking by our wine rack and noticed something, do you see it too?

No no, you don't see a drinking problem - if I had a drinking problem, they'd all be empty! :)
Hint, it's the 2nd slot down on the left.. 

YEP!  I saw the RED foil top on a bottle and thought - that would be a nice complement to the ST logo!  Hmm, maybe I should drink more wine...

So I carefully removed the foil wrap... see how nice!  RED and shiny, and it's METAL so it won't break down if it gets wet!

Next, I carefully snipped it into a flat piece of red aluminum, flipped over the pedal to see how it would fit...

Then I thought, I could use some simple scotch tape to hold it on - but I had a better idea!  I have a roll of aluminum tape (used for heating duct and chimney repairs) and cut a piece of that...

So, the foil tape is holding the foil topper to the plate, everything is sealed up nicely now in the event of water - and here's the results!

The ST logo is now RED, and even shiny metal too!

What do you think?  Worthwhile 'free' mod?  

Now I'll go have some wine ;)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mountune MP275 FMIC Installed

Had the Mountune MP275 FMIC installed yesterday - quite a process to remove the front bumper and lights - but now it's done!

Also installed the Diode Dynamics XML2 LED Foglights - MUCH MUCH brighter than stock!

bummer you can't see the logo very well with the OEM bumper...

How To: Upgrading Ford SYNC3 to version 2.2

Well, Ford has been a bit lax in deploying the SYNC3 2.2 update - was supposed to be summer 2016. Fortunately, the interwebs have provided :)

Ford Sync 3 2.2 Software Update Information/Instructions

Official Update for Ford Sync 3 1.0/1.1/2.0 -> 2.2

Android Auto WILL work with existing hardware. 
Apple CarPlay WILL NOT work with existing hardware and requires upgraded USB Interface.

I used a FAT32 formatted 2GB USB Drive to load installation files (Non-WiFi Update)
Vehicle Engine should be running for entire update to maintain battery during installation or connected to a battery charger/maintainer

Download Links (Ford Direct):
Navigation Equipped:

Change Log: 
Sync 3 2.2.6

This software release is the latest update in our continued efforts to improve system performance, device connectivity, and the overall SYNC experience.

This software contains the following enhancements:
  • Updated voice recognition engine.
  • Bluetooth phone, media, and Wi-Fi improvements.
  • Navigation user interface improvements (if equipped).
  • Android Auto for supported devices.
  • Apple CarPlay for supported devices. Owners of 2016 models with SYNC 3 are required to perform a software upgrade and purchase a hardware upgrade through your dealer.
The installation of this update will take up to 60 minutes to complete. DO NOT remove your USB drive or turn off your vehicle. You must wait until Installation Complete is displayed on the center screen before removing your drive or turning your vehicle off. Be sure your vehicle engine is running (not in accessory mode) throughout the entire installation process. Although your vehicle must be in park when you initiate the installation process, once the download process has begun, you may drive your vehicle.

** Mine only took 15 Minutes to Install **

Bluetooth works MUCH better now - just need to find the USB HUB in stock to make Apple CarPlay come to life!  WOOHOO!