Sunday, January 15, 2017

It's the little things that make a difference!

Little changes and mods are always fun, and hopefully can be done cost effectively.  I ordered a really nice dead-pedal for the ST to complement the existing metal pedals from factory.

Ford Focus ST Dead Pedal Foot Rest

Made from a brushed high grade 304 Stainless Steel. 

CNC waterjet cut and dimpled. 

Dead pedal attaches with heavy duty double sided carpet tape which is included. 

Well, I can't just leave things alone - the center logo "ST" is cut out- looks great, but all the "ST" logos on the car are red. I was walking by our wine rack and noticed something, do you see it too?

No no, you don't see a drinking problem - if I had a drinking problem, they'd all be empty! :)
Hint, it's the 2nd slot down on the left.. 

YEP!  I saw the RED foil top on a bottle and thought - that would be a nice complement to the ST logo!  Hmm, maybe I should drink more wine...

So I carefully removed the foil wrap... see how nice!  RED and shiny, and it's METAL so it won't break down if it gets wet!

Next, I carefully snipped it into a flat piece of red aluminum, flipped over the pedal to see how it would fit...

Then I thought, I could use some simple scotch tape to hold it on - but I had a better idea!  I have a roll of aluminum tape (used for heating duct and chimney repairs) and cut a piece of that...

So, the foil tape is holding the foil topper to the plate, everything is sealed up nicely now in the event of water - and here's the results!

The ST logo is now RED, and even shiny metal too!

What do you think?  Worthwhile 'free' mod?  

Now I'll go have some wine ;)