Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Loaded the Mountune ECU update last night...

After a day of cleaning up the house after Christmas, finally found some time on a chilly night (34F) to put the Mountune ECU tune on the Focus... Yes, even Mountune uses the COBB Accessport (AP3) tuner... they're a VERY nice design...


Very simple process, just plug in the OBD2 port and the unit powers up - since the Mountune MP275 is CARB legal it comes with one pre-programmed tune (that's it).  

You follow the on-screen steps, and the ECU load takes about 4-5 minutes - be sure to have a good charge on your battery - they even recommend turning off the headlights or use a battery charger - because if your power dies mid-program - you get to buy a new expensive ECU (yikes!)  Well, no drama for us last night as it programmed just fine :)

The tuner even comes with a Mountune badge, not sure if we'll mount it yet or not - definitely too cold right now...

So - you probably want to know impressions and have me stop blabbering LOL.

After filling up with California 91 Octane (blah) - I took it for a spin.  Now I see why everyone with a tuned ECU talks about traction issues!  Holy crap the car has a ton more power, and most likely I'll need more stuff suspension wise to keep this thing planted!  LOL

The car comes up to speed VERY quickly now, it's a fantastic upgrade - highly recommended. 

Definitely 2 thumbs up!