Thursday, December 22, 2016

Prepping the Mountune FMIC

Going to install the Mountune FMIC (Front-Mounted Inter-Cooler) next week, so I wanted to put the logo on the FMIC to give a little 'pop' to the front end...  fortunately they send a template :)

Since the ST has red calipers, I went with a high-temp Ford Red VHT - you can see the template that Mountune sends along with the FMIC.


Nice template that they send, but it centers the logo in the FMIC, need to modify :)

First, gotta figure out where to have the logo placed, I figured up about 3 rails to have it show underneath the bumper.

A straight edge, and cut a nice straight line...

Now it's lower where it will be visible, and flush on the front of the FMIC so paint doesn't get under the template - perfect!

Now the frog tape, cover all the primary edges...


Add some boxes and paper bags to protect from overspray on the edges, top and bottom

 LIGHTLY spray a few coats onto the intercooler, spritz from all 4 sides to ensure paint gets into the crevices and cracks - if you look at it from 360-degrees you'll notice the high-low spots in the paint.

after about 10 minutes, carefully peel back the covers - and voila!

My wife loves it - it's going to be a nice look when mounted!

Have fun and be safe!

Pretty nice matchup!  Glad I picked VHT Ford RED!