Saturday, March 18, 2017

Let there be light! (in my hatch)

Some of the simplest (dumbest) things that we take for granted is lighting, sure everyone thinks of headlights - but what about the interior?  You know, you just got back from the store and you pop the trunk/hatch and you can barely see...

A simple, inexpensive mod is to upgrade to lights with brighter lumens and longer life - so you do this ONCE, not many times...

Diode Dynamics has a great reputation, we love their driving lights Mountune MP275 FMIC Installed so I opted for some 194 HP5 Cool White LEDs from DD.

Super simple install, I'll let the pics do the talking...

OEM 194 bulbs (incandescent) about 4300K  - under cover (normal) on left and exposed right

NEW HP5 LED installed (exposed) these are 6000K

this is the HP5 installed behind the lens

left is OEM incandescent - right is the HP5 LED

and the final result with both HP5 installed!

as you can see - it's a much brighter, whiter light and visibility is increased at probably 1/4 of the power draw and should last the lifetime of the vehicle!  

Definitely Two-Thumbs Up!