Sunday, March 26, 2017

No more drone - Ford Racing Catback!

A few months back, I bought the Cobb 3" catback because it was beautifully handcrafted, great design, and backed by a fantastic name in 4-cyl turbo tuners.  While it all went in great - my ageing ears were struggling with the drone that a 3" catback gives on a 4-cylinder turbo car... just too much for my taste, although it did sound fantastic!

Next up - is Ford Racing 2.5" catback that is actually built by Borla and stamped with Ford all over it... not quite as shiny as the Cobb, but the size difference removes all the drone!

Now, mind you it's not cheap - heck nothing is cheap anymore!  But the quality of this catback is great, everything bolted in quickly and efficiently.

The catback uses clamps to seal the tubing together and it fit snugly together - not unexpected for Borla who makes great quality products!

The Ford Racing design also includes a front resonator to cut back on drone and give a mellow, sporty sound.  The standard Borla part doesn't have the extra resonator and will be louder by design.

The exhaust tips - what everyone sees after you pass them - are a cool fluted design, and while they 'look' slick - we shall see how easy they are to clean...

Driving impression:  The exhaust note is louder than OEM which is great - even initial startup sounds good.  Compared to the Cobb, it's MUCH quieter.  The turbo spool and BOV sounds are more pronounced as well.  Absolutely NO drone when you're in 6th gear and going uphill around 2,500 RPM - this is where the Cobb would remind you that it was there...

Even though it's pricey - this catback gets two 👍👍